Suggestion about best economics policy

I would like to set a context of reference which might be more useful than references to graphs and statistics. I take it for granted that economics in the weak sense of bankruptcy is a pawn to figures not even statistical formulas, but the sort of entrenched, maybe opaque, maybe contingency prone effigy that appears when statistical processes are utilized to their extreme degree levels which peel on truth and values, making them appear like utterly unavoidable things that concurrently may not exist. The figure of reference is the use of words. Words are required to describe an environment. Folks lean on words if they do not mean anything. And they wind up saying very little of anything. Make statements that are significant.

finest economic equality

We admit that the opposite is not absolute. And that is a fantastic thing. The opposite of value is not deprivation or poverty. If there is an opposite of value it is similar to debt, but according to figures debt is already described as another negative amount of worth. Debt is value that is negative. So it is encompassed in the definition of price that is relative. Debt is not an additional statement. In other words, in this program, which I call economics, values are duplicitous. Every value set includes a context of value. When one value has a value, the price that is other is proven by the lack of a single value. When one context does not have any value among two values, the context that is second might have one or both values. In this way, context is value prone.

I see that it is a Zen context. It is busy searching for a group of values which is reducible to value money. But in that endeavor, it is currently failing to understand that the measure of worth is values. Some might say that the measure of worth is the market’s presence. But the current market, depicted as a line that is jagged that is single, is a value which can be opposed by price that is negative. Rather than proposing market value as in a Wu Wei form of market an expression that means negative space, we might suggest a market that is dualistic and platinum jewelry. The economic agents will need to adjust their production to consumption, so when they perceive inflation they move to increase production and when deflation is discovered they opt to decrease production if they do not they will not have the ability to pay their bills in the future .


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